Secretariat Functions .

Apart from Implementing resolutions and policies of the Council and that of the central government; The Secretariat has functions like:

a) Sector Coordination

Coordinating sector development projects and programs

b) Resource Mobilization.

Mobilizing and managing Council resources (human, financial, material etc)

Technical support to the District Council is provided by District Executive Committee (DEC) which essentially is a technical and advisory committee to the Council and is composed of 55 members from the Council (District commissioner and directors), government line ministries, statutory corporations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) working in the district.

The Area Development Committee is a representative body of all Village Development Committees (VDCs) under the jurisdiction of the Traditional Authority. The ADC is composed of VDC chairpersons, Ward Councillors, representatives of religious groups, youth and women groups, and the business community from the TA’s area of jurisdiction. It is chaired by an elected person within the membership with the AEC Chairperson as its secretary.

The Area Executive Committee (AEC) as a technical and advisory committee to the ADCs. It comprises all sectoral or extension workers of government ministries, Non-governmental organizations and statutory corporations working within the jurisdiction of the Traditional Authority. Phalombe has 11 AECs.

The Village Development Committee which is the basic planning unit for the council premised at the level of a Group Village Head.

It is composed of one elected member from each village within the VDC, a Ward councilor, four female representatives nominated by people within the VDC and elected extension worker. Phalombe District has 72 VDCs.

Our Mandate .

The mandate of the Council is as follows:

Policy Making

Policymaking, coordination and supervision of development programs/projects in the district

Project Identification

Reviewing, approving or rejecting proposed projects identified by the community with technical support from the District Executive Committee (DEC)


Making resolutions regarding implementation of management functions of the Secretariat